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  • Article in the Swiss journal of La Gruyère - Sept. 2016

    Mark Milton talks in this article of the foundation’s vision which see’s the managing of emotions as the next step in the evolution of performance and the collaboration with the Fribourg Football Association (AFF) and their project "L'attitude, on en parle :)" which aims to sensitise more than 600 coaches, referees and educators.

    Article in French


  • Conference by Boris Cyrulnik and Mark Milton

    On September 2nd 2016, Mark Milton founder of E4P will intervene with Boris Cyrulnik within the event of "Le livre sur les quais" in Morges, Switzerland with a conference on the theme "Need of heroes? Sport and self-knowledge".

    Reserve your place here (in French)


  • Interview of Boris Cyrulnik

    Boris Cyrulnik ambassador of the book "Football a path towards self-awareness"

    Wath the video (in French)

  • The book is presented on French television

    During the programme "Le Magazine de la Santé" on the french TV 5 channel, broadcasted on Friday April 22nd, Gérard Collard, literary editor, commented our new book "Football a path to self-knowledge." During his presentation, he presented it as "a really intelligent book!" ....

    You can view the video extract here (in French)

  • Article in FriFoot magazine (in French)

    You can read the introduction to the project “l'Attitude on en parle :)” of the Football Association of Fribourg (Switzerland) in the march edition of its magazine FriFoot and an interview of Mark Milton.

    Click here to see the video of Michel Lachat (in French), project sponsor


  • E4P’s dream is becoming true: a breakthrough in the world of education

    Pixar’s new movie, “Inside Out”, opens in theatres worldwide on June 17th. The film, besides being wonderfully entertaining, is highlighting a global human movement toward self-knowledge, emotional intelligence and mastery of one’s emotions. When people see the movie and “experience the impact,” they will naturally begin to develop greater awareness of their minds and become more connected to their feelings, which will positively affect the quality of their relationships. We believe that “Inside Out” will have a profound affect on all those who see the film, children and adults alike.

    Watch the trailers:


    Through our collaborating partner in the US, the Foundation for Self Leadership (, E4P is in contact with the management of Pixar to develop a new project together. The Foundation promotes the Internal Family Systems Model (IFS) developed by Dr. Richard C. Schwartz over 30 years ago. The model with its notions of the “Self and Parts” has striking similarities with the message of “Inside Out”: our mind has a multiplicity that the film calls “the little voices in our head.” It is a model that involves self-awareness, self-connection and leads to healing the emotional wounds that occur in one’s life.

    We are fascinated to see this major breakthrough happening in the world of education. E4P’s dream is becoming true. Stay tuned to learn more later…

  • Articles in Vestiaires magazine, March 2015

    In May 2014 Vestiaires, a magazine dedicated to football coaches in France, published an interview of Education 4 Peace’s Founding Director, Mark Milton. One of the topics of the interview was an upcoming meeting Mark was going to have with the National Technical Directorate (DTN) of the French Football Federation (FFF). The meeting was dedicated to discuss a possible collaboration between the two organisations, as the DTN was interested in E4P’s objective of introducing self-awareness and “attitude” as the 5th skill in the football world. A skill that is to be added to the physical, technical, tactical & mental skills already practiced today. The main topic of the article was the presentation of E4P’s newly published book “Master of your Emotions. Attitude: the 5th skill” the aim of which is to become an educational and practical tool for players, coaches and parents, inviting to reflections and deeper self-knowledge.

    In the March 2015 Vestiaires edition, the magazine published an article on the DTN’s newly created “Cellule d'optimisation de la performance” (November 2014), in which Mark was invited to become a member. The “Cellule” acknowledged that self-awareness was a major issue for the development and future success of the players and has an objective of making players and coaches more responsible, more independent but also more aware of their actions, in order to act and play more efficiently. FFF wishes to deploy this improved level of consciousness around 4 axes: awareness of the body, behaviour, decisions and performance. The magazine also published a number of articles on Yoga and its benefits in sports.

    (PDFs are in French)