Education 4 Peace

Acceptance, Compassion, Respect, Behaviour, Emotions, Empathy, Feelings, Understanding, Knowledge, Self-esteem, Tolerance, Positivity, Peace, Determination, Creativity, Empowerment, Integrity, Patience, Happiness, Humor, Trust, Humility, Communication, Concentration, Caring, Openness, Listening

Our E4P community (Board members, Ambassadors, Staff, Volunteers and freelance) reflecting on the following questions:

- What are our main activities that we find important in our life today?
- What is our engagement with E4P and what does this engagement mean for us?
- Why do we think E4P’s work is important?

Who we are

Muriel Rosselet - Board member

The core activities of my life are foremost, the wellbeing and happiness of my family, the relationship with nature, human relations and sports in general.

I joined the Board of the Foundation first as a member and then as president, quickly adhering to the causes and projects implemented.

The E4P approach is wonderful because it puts at our disposal some keys to get to know ourselves better, respect the other, communicate harmoniously and this especially for young people and through sports, in order to move towards a world where peace and non-violence will prevail.

Bertrand Dayer - Board member

All those that let me be attentive to another human being.

Setting my contribution to the sometimes lively discussions that we have at the Foundation committee. Then I get the feeling that I take part in the achievement of its wonderful project.

Because one must strive for the emotional intelligence development by the young people and settle the human back into the center of a world which needs it so much.

Jean Noël Jaton - Board member

To take part in intelligent conflicts solving  and to reach a balance between my family and professional life. 

I have been a member of the Foundation committee since its creation. It is essential to me that we promote empathy and self-awareness for tomorrow’s children. 

E4P Foundation brings in a creative and playful approach so that young people be the actors in this new dimension of tomorrow’s education.

Renara Akhoundova -  Freelance and volunteer

I am a pianist and a composer. Music sets a bridge between Reflection and Presence. Art without compromise is Truth. This is the Way. In order to be oneself and live all the way towards the Light and Love, it is essential to develop self-transparency, genuineness, courage and to have the sense to distinguish Ego from Love…

As a musician, I stand for E4P’s message through music.

E4P’s job is indispensable and sets an example that there could be a world without violence and that it be respectful towards what life represents. This can only happen if we are taught it very early on. Moreover, it is never too late to help Life.

Philippe Cattier - Staff

To live in harmony with my own values, recalling my-self to live in the present and take care of my family.

I am a little bit the IT expert at E4P and in my own way, I like helping the social turn that E4P is bringing up.

Giving the young people the tools with which they could get to know themselves and to understand how they are self-processing and how they do deal with others, this is of much importance for a better and peaceful word.

Boris Cyrulnik - Ambassador

The conditions of the modern world are such that our children are on the go non-stop and have no time for human relations. The Education 4 Peace project helps stimulate the brain, mastering emotions and developing pleasurable relationship



Isabel d’Arenberg - Volunteer                  

My personal motto "inner peace is the source of outer peace" is a driving force in my life. Becoming aware of how my emotions and habits drive my behaviour has led me to become a professional coach and specialise amongst others in emotional intelligence. This led me to get involved in E4P, where I have taken part in several projects.

I strongly believe that we all have to become responsible for how we think, feel and show up in the world. Teaching children and their caretakers to manage their emotional state, to center themselves and find peace-within, to become more confident and to communicate with more compassion are the keys for a better future. I am very happy to be able to participate in this endeavour.

Thomas d’Ansembourg - Ambassador

Most of human sufferings arise from the ignorance of self-awareness, emotional mastery and inner pacification processes. It seems to me that it is in the public interest to immediately make those processes known by most of the people.



Arnaud Durand - Staff

My life is concerned with self-questioning and helping people around me. As far as I can, I then try to carry along a fair life by standing in harmony with myself and other people thanks to the spiritual practice. It also goes by my work for the E4P Foundation and MBSR coaching education as well through my MBA in Management education that aims at braking through the foundation of a much more equitable economy. 

I am in charge of the management of many different projects in the E4P Foundation. This practice makes a lot of sense to me, for it contributes to my will to give, especially because what we take up through the experience in the Foundation is something that I wish I got when I was younger.

If we are looking for a much more peaceful world, we should then begin with our inside peace process. Making the young people aware of many aptitudes such as the emotional control, mind and listening awareness through sport practice; this will help them to reach a better self-awareness and grow their peacefulness feeling by themselves and spread all about. 

Mark Milton - Founder

Serving the development of E4P Foundation is my main activity, it fullfils my everyday life, my heart and my mind. Spending time with people I love and being in relation with nature are my delight. The balance and harmony between the two are part of my challenges.

Creating E4P in 2002 was for me the inspiration of a more harmonious world, with more individual and collective peace. Managing the foundation since 2008 invites me to live its values ​​every day, consistently, accepting to stumble from time to time, to continue to grow every day.

Because I have no doubt that the seeds to sustainable peace amongst human beings are in our children’s education, and that to achieve this goal, it is essential to have actors such as E4P who serve by catalysing and unifying.

Alexis Proniewski - Freelance and volunteer

I’ve always wanted to experience and express my values in each area of my life. Today, every decision I make in my personal and business life keeps pace with this state. The projects I am undertaking have the purpose of improving people wellness independently of their ages or roles. 

My implication with E4P aims perfectly at this goal. Joining in major international projects and contributing to the establishment of a social change for the whole mankind. This all is a special delight to me. 

The E4P foundation is working for the promotion of emotional and social skills. We all need them in order to live well together. This is why I am feeling at home and thrilled with the job that we are carrying on together.

Diana Rucli - Freelance and volunteer

In these uncertain times, with horizons that are not always easily defined and predictable, living life with serenity, balanced in emotions and respectful in relationships it’s more and more important. Clarity about priorities for a harmonious personal development is essential, as moving away from patterns that are not adequate to deal with transitory, precarious and rapidly changing situations.

I collaborate with E4P in training programs for adults who are involved in emotional education of young people and children. I have also cooperated in events aimed at increasing the emotional and spiritual awareness of individuals and organizations. These experiences were personally and professionally very enriching and inspiring, particularly because these projects draw from the best practices of diverse cultures in the world. I believe that this kind of program enriches and enhances emotional and social skills in all human beings and especially in the new generations

Catherine Schmider - Freelance and volunteer

As a trainer in Non Violent Communication and a sophrologist, I am working for these tools be  available for parents and everyone working in the education field. In this way I drive them deeply experience the sense of respect and the self-fulfillment in their main educational intention.

I place my pedagogical skills at the service of the E4P projects, since I am convinced that a respectful education helping the child to learn a in a respectful atmosphere is the first step to a peaceful world.   

There is indeed today such a great suffering as well as deep strive for a better quality of life. People are looking for the tools that will help them to reach it.  E4P’s work makes them widely known.

Sandrine Zuber - Staff

Our lives have become so active. I think it is a necessity to set back up the fundamentals: family, friends, hobbies. Each moment I share with my dears is essential.

I have been working for E4P’s secretariat and accounting department for nearly 10 years. It means a lot to me. In a few years, as my children will attend communication lessons, I will be proud to say that I contributed to it.      

It has become by now an emergency for people to communicate in a better way. By giving the sound basis to our children we let them mature positively and gain a more peaceable and serene mankind.