Education 4 Peace

Acceptance, Compassion, Respect, Behaviour, Emotions, Empathy, Feelings, Understanding, Knowledge, Self-esteem, Tolerance, Positivity, Peace, Determination, Creativity, Empowerment, Integrity, Patience, Happiness, Humor, Trust, Humility, Communication, Concentration, Caring, Openness, Listening

Spirit of Humanity Forum


E4P is a partner of the Spirit of Humanity Forum which convened for the first time in Reykjavik, Iceland under the theme Resetting the compass - creating a landscape of possibilities in September 2012.

The Forum aim, is to create a safe space for dialogue and self exploration among leaders to discover new ways to move forward together, based on deep human values, through a global partnership of organisations, communities and individuals, committed to improving the condition of the world and those who live in it.