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Acceptance, Compassion, Respect, Behaviour, Emotions, Empathy, Feelings, Understanding, Knowledge, Self-esteem, Tolerance, Positivity, Peace, Determination, Creativity, Empowerment, Integrity, Patience, Happiness, Humor, Trust, Humility, Communication, Concentration, Caring, Openness, Listening

School of Sound International Symposium

"THE SCHOOL OF SOUND (SOS) presents a stimulating and provocative series of masterclasses by practitioners, artists and academics exploring the creative use of sound in media and the arts. The SOS presents an integrated approach that relies on understanding traditional thinking, contemporary techniques and the broad range of creativity that informs sound production in both entertainment and art." 

E4P offered a session in plenary on listening skills and the different ways of listening entitled: "From noise to empathy - the path to presence".

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