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The "Football a path to self-awareness" book


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In a match we experience a concentration of emotions, everything is more intense than usual, that’s why we like it so much. You feel really alive, like nowhere else ! But there are times when our emotions get the better of us and we really lose control. That’s why football and sport in general are an ideal context for learning how to control and be the master of our emotions.

The result of five years of research and practice in collaboration with the UEFA and the French, Belgiun and Swiss Football Federations, this book was created to stimulate interest in self-knowledge and to strengthen the link between well-being and performance. It provides practical information on listening, stress, anger and on the relationship between our emotions and our thoughts.
It’s been written for young athletes, parents, coaches and teachers, both in football and other sports. You will find testimonials from famous players and keys to exercise self-control in difficult situations and better understand the challenges of life.