Education 4 Peace

Acceptance, Compassion, Respect, Behaviour, Emotions, Empathy, Feelings, Understanding, Knowledge, Self-esteem, Tolerance, Positivity, Peace, Determination, Creativity, Empowerment, Integrity, Patience, Happiness, Humor, Trust, Humility, Communication, Concentration, Caring, Openness, Listening

1st  "Master of your Emotions" training at a national football league level

In November we had the opportunity to give our first session on self-awareness and listening skills at a national football league level, in a football coach training programme organised by the Ligue Rhône-Alpes de Football (L.R.A.F.) of the French Football Federation (FFF). 26 coaches, 6 supervisors, the general director and the president of L.R.A.F. discovered the initiative of “Master of your Emotions” and experienced the value of active listening. On another occasion in November we worked with FFF in Paris by giving a training on listening skills to 15 trainers doing their D.E.S. diploma.